About Us

PiercingLife is the body piercing internet shop of, whose professional staff is completely dedicated to your total satisfaction through the development of safe, comfortable and flexible, highly bio-compatible materials. Piercing jewellery is now a strong part of everyday fashion, We believe that customers purchasing piercings and the jewellery to wear as part of their body, should be able to do so in the safest possible way. We adopt this as our ethical policy, and have a forward plan to lead the industry in the evolution of a safe practice of body art.

We started with only a few basic designs, hand crafting them using the highest grade surgical stainless steel available , and hand polishing each piece to a mirror finish. In developing innovative designs and perfecting our classic styles, we strive to maintain the quality and attention to detail on which we have built our reputation.

We do not import any jewelry. Our mission has always been to provide the highest quality jewelry possible along with fast, individualized customer service. We plan to take this philosophy well into the new century.

We are now offering a complete line of body piercing jewelry in 14K gold. This complements our extensive line of 316LVM stainless steel jewelry. All of our jewelry offered in 14K is also available in 18K.

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PiercingLife.com bring you conventional body jewellery with the revolutionary highly bio-compatible ptfe with titanium, nickel free gold body jewellery and surgical steel, creating ideal bananabells,barbells, labrets and bars for navel or belly button jewellery, navel piercing or belly button rings, eyebrow , ear, tongue, lips, labrets, nose piercing, nipple piercing, and everywhere else you enjoy this fantastic form of body art!