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We offers piercing supplies and tools such as: piercing needles, sterilization kits and piercing equipment, forceps. All our tools made from stainless steel and autoclavable. We offer the best needles on the market at the lowest possible prices. Prices are given per one item. If you need to buy them in bigger quantities please contact us.

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17 piece deluxe set of piercing tools

In Cart ($99.99)

Piercing needle receiving cork

In Cart ($0.49)

Small receiving tube with flared end

In Cart ($4.99)

Sterile alcohol swab

In Cart ($0.75)

1.5mm Pre-Sterilized Disposable Biopsy Dermal Punch

In Cart ($9.99)

10-piece ear piercing starter kit, optional gauge

In Cart ($28.99)

10-piece nipple piercing starter kit, 14 or 12 gauge

In Cart ($28.99)

18 ga to 00 ga insertion taper set

In Cart ($34.99)

25 Piercing Sterile Needles

In Cart ($19.99)

25 Sterile Cannula Piercing Needle

In Cart ($24.99)

5 Piercing Sterile Needles

In Cart ($9.99)

5 Sterile Cannula Piercing Needle

In Cart ($12.50)

5-piece tongue piercing starter kit, 14 or 12 gauge

In Cart ($21.99)

50 Piercing Sterile Needles

In Cart ($29.99)

50 Sterile Cannula Piercing Needle

In Cart ($35.99)

6- piece nose (nostril) piercing starter kit, 18 or 20 gauge

In Cart ($21.99)

6-piece belly button piercing starter kit

In Cart ($21.99)

6-piece eyebrow piercing starter kit, 16 or 18 gauge

In Cart ($21.99)

6-piece lip (labret) or monroe piercing starter kit, 14 or 16 gauge

In Cart ($21.99)

6-piece tongue piercing starter kit, 14 or 12 gauge

In Cart ($29.49)


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